Which comments by bunderful were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-13Wrapping presents in cloth for the complete klutz
2019-12-10Assuming Best Intentions is Bullsh*t
2019-09-08I am looking for a particular type of pottery travel mug.
2019-08-24Too much butternut. Difficulty Level: picky kid
2019-07-29Tell me about your U.S. citizenship exam and interview
2019-07-15Looking for gateway vegetable recipes
2019-07-07Avoiding weekend questions
2019-07-04How do I make a million lifestyle changes at the same time?
2019-05-21Objective opinions of one's singing?
2019-05-14Recipes for a less-sweet breakfast cake?
2019-05-14Recipes for a less-sweet breakfast cake?
2019-05-14Just Friends, Just Friends
2019-05-03How Do I Check Myself without Neglecting Myself?
2019-04-29Concepts that are blue
2019-04-17Crush Paralysis
2019-04-14I Don't Know
2019-03-15I think I like my solitude.
2019-02-20I need GTD but it's giving me anxiety
2019-02-01Dealing with Long-Ago Shame at a Joyful Event
2019-01-06Getting Rid of a Crush