Which comments by theora55 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-31How to handle noise complaint from neighbor?
2018-12-29What was the previous homeowner doing with all of this propane?
2018-12-28Please help me duplicate this scarf
2018-12-27How to deal with men's negative humor?
2018-12-17Ravenclaw palooza
2018-12-14How do you stay warm...
2018-12-11Favorite Brand Of Opaque Tights?
2018-12-09"I give at the milk aisle"
2018-12-05Frozerburned Beeft
2018-12-03Extra-wide pillowcases?
2018-11-26Light packers: how do you do it?
2018-11-25Jewelry makers & security folks: Can I make a Yubikey Nano necklace?
2018-11-20Easy/Free Graphic Design Software for PC? (Text-Only Logo)
2018-11-19Seeking waterproof very warm winter coat
2018-11-18What to do on Turkey Day?
2018-11-14Help me disarm through humor
2018-11-11catharsis or waste of time?
2018-11-08Beto and Ted
2018-10-28Turning 100 & celebrating modestly
2018-10-28How do I homeowner?
2018-10-27How do I homeowner?
2018-10-18Roasted Vegetables 2.0
2018-10-16Help loved one with COPD live more happily/better
2018-10-11Tips & Tricks: Italy
2018-10-05Kid projects with water cooler jugs
2018-10-02A Week in Maine
2018-10-01Healthy ways to consume a lot of leftover bread?
2018-09-30Do you think should I leave my mom's side of the family?
2018-09-28Finished is better than perfect
2018-09-15The Planters Peanut is One Option
2018-09-14Things To Do Outside Denver Before I'm Dead
2018-09-13Looking for Reading Materials for a 2nd/3rd Grade Level
2018-09-12Seeking (very) unconventional sandwich suggestions
2018-09-11Hurricane Anti-Anxiety Tips
2018-09-11Should I leave DC early to avoid Florence?
2018-09-10How did you go about buying your business?
2018-09-10I don't want candy....
2018-09-06Should I eat this, frozen sausage edition
2018-09-04My SO isn't eating properly while taking care of our baby
2018-09-02Help Tom Sawyer Out With This Here Fence
2018-09-02Halloween costumes with LEDs?
2018-08-18Cooking Mojo
2018-08-13Dating on the Other Side of the Train Tracks
2018-08-10Small steps, Sparks
2018-08-09SO. MANY. APPLES.
2018-08-06party favors for grown ups
2018-08-03Why not use a fan on baby?
2018-08-01Terrible ghost jokes
2018-07-28What is this thing? Mystery bottle in a box.
2018-07-27How to stop being controlling over boyfriend?
2018-07-26How safe are Money Orders?
2018-07-20Is it lupus?
2018-07-20Is it lupus?
2018-07-19my giant noggin
2018-07-19Coping with ongoing fatigue
2018-07-16Painted furniture with images
2018-07-08Summer Patio Sitting: What style chair to get?
2018-07-04How to prepare for a custody evaluation?
2018-07-01Overcake: how long will 238 pieces of cake last?
2018-07-01Please dress me in "Lite Cocktail"
2018-06-29Homegrown mixed drinks
2018-06-27Me, a cabin, some nature, and .... ?
2018-06-26Depression, weird hormones, and altogether too much uprooting. What do?
2018-06-26Should I go to a protest alone?
2018-06-25Bad car vibrations make it difficult to buy one
2018-06-16What’s that sideways-B-shaped thingy people hang over their garage door?
2018-06-11Seeking poems about personal anger
2018-06-11Seeking poems about personal anger
2018-06-10ClothingFilter: lightweight but long tops, plus size edition
2018-06-10Can I fertilize my lawn in... June?
2018-06-09Addressing/limiting stalkery behavior in ex
2018-05-30Find my tribe or climb the ladder?
2018-05-29Delivery room dilemma
2018-05-28Audibly Upset
2018-05-23Midday Dog Walking Necessary?
2018-05-21Upbeat shows to watch on Prime video
2018-05-21Help me feed a 9 year old with very specific food exclusions
2018-05-18Looking for suggestions on dealing with a litter problem.
2018-05-17Interview tips when your qualifications don't match the description
2018-05-159 year old birthday party activities
2018-05-14Relationship troubles at a boiling point
2018-05-10How to learn to sing simple harmony when you can't read music?
2018-05-06Must I walk barefoot over Legos to get to the good stuff?
2018-05-06Who buys special event clothing for kids after divorce?
2018-05-01Is this the kind of red flag I should be looking for?
2018-04-30So it turns out the grass is not always greener
2018-04-29My job of 20 years has been eliminated. Now what?
2018-04-13Would you drop or be willing to ammend a Protective Order?
2018-04-11Trying on boys' clothes...and not feel weird about it
2018-04-10Hiding Morning Sickness on Work Trip
2018-04-07Cheap Windows 10 laptop to run Visual Studio
2018-03-29With all the grace of a sledgehammer
2018-03-26Should I Stick with the Devil I Know?
2018-03-24Stuffing recipe - Difficulty level: sage + unleavened bread
2018-03-22Camper van living
2018-03-21What's the most useful crafted item you've ever made and/or received?
2018-03-19Where Do Flowers Come From?
2018-03-16Morbid grammar question: Suicide thoughts, or suicidal thoughts?
2018-03-14Help me choose a route East.
2018-03-13This is not the Windows 10 you are looking for
2018-03-12Can I buy a propane heater/furnace with a pilot light
2018-03-12Can I buy a propane heater/furnace with a pilot light
2018-03-08My shower curtain smells like pee...the internet says it doesn't.
2018-03-05One by one, my friends age and turn to the right. I'd rather not.
2018-03-03I want to invest in the cannabis industry. Where should I start?
2018-03-01ham! ham! ham!
2018-02-28Gluten free, easily transportable, delicious
2018-02-27costume help!
2018-02-25Giant tote
2018-02-24Shower me with ideas!
2018-02-22Do you have experience with Lewy body dementia?
2018-02-20I need dishwashing hacks.
2018-02-20Where can I find adventure (at home)?
2018-02-15Help me come clean about the extent of my problems.
2018-02-15When Your Teen Starts Dating: Protocols
2018-02-09Ethics of ordering delivery in a snowstorm
2018-02-08Lactose intolerance 101
2018-01-31What did I just do?
2018-01-18What should I do with my time before I get made redundant?
2018-01-11My game is mud.
2018-01-02Do I need Dr. House or some perspective?
2018-01-01Where should I move: cheap with ocean edition