Which comments by theora55 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-12Shop broke laptop; I need a new one.
2020-12-09Can I make money while keeping my disability benefits?
2020-12-08What to get two girls (ages 4 and 6) for Christmas?
2020-12-04Simple physical music
2020-11-30What happened?
2020-11-26Assume that I am isolating/masking and encouraging others to do so.
2020-11-24"How do I EXCEL at a used ""Laptop"" Purchase?"
2020-11-14Like Stovetop, but fancy?
2020-11-12Hopeful books and articles about turning the tide of authoritarianism
2020-10-28ISO chewy cornbread for stuffing/dressing
2020-10-23Staying in touch with kiddos during the pandemic
2020-10-14Care and Feeding of Masks
2020-10-14This is not my first Christmas askme question
2020-10-10Fun Hall
2020-10-09Match for this Halloween costume
2020-10-08Singleton Sick Day Pantry/Freezer
2020-10-01Can I place compost on top of wood chips around my raspberry bushes?
2020-09-28a cheap laptop that doesn't need to do much but isn't junk
2020-09-23I have some questions about buying a student laptop
2020-09-22How safe is a UK black cab?
2020-09-22My chickpeas bring all the weird brown spots to the yard
2020-09-20How do I keep multiple blankets fastened together?
2020-08-29How should I furnish this room?
2020-08-27Lesser known racial faux pas
2020-08-15Good ways to keep mice from getting in?
2020-08-07Stocking up for The Long Winter
2020-08-05Shelter-in-place cooking, meatloaf edition
2020-08-03Helped friend A help his friend B, then B paid me unexpectedly
2020-08-03Make our yard entertaining
2020-08-01Help save my baby blanket
2020-07-31New ways to cook Pinto Beans. So many pinto beans
2020-07-30How much can I fit in my car?
2020-07-18Any tips for helping me be more patient and compassionate?
2020-07-16What grocery products have great reusable foodsafe containers?
2020-07-16What grocery products have great reusable foodsafe containers?
2020-07-12Guidelines for social media posts for activist group?
2020-07-12envelope full of covid
2020-07-11What's wrong with my car, remote version
2020-07-08Zoloft strengthening ear worms?
2020-07-07help, I know nothing about lighting!
2020-07-06Like the dog and the duck and the grain, except the duck is my kid
2020-07-04Spending fourth of July alone
2020-06-25I need a cover for this bare light bulb
2020-06-23Apparently I really don't understand UV light
2020-06-18The perfect pants don't exis-
2020-06-13Where can I buy outdoor plants online or for curbside pickup?
2020-06-11How to deal with a grumpy, hostile neighbor
2020-06-09Looking for a nice indoor 4-bike rack
2020-06-07Painless, itch-less, but bloody bug bites at beach?
2020-06-07Nobody who would insult a gift from grandma is worth it
2020-06-06What to say about sexism in an online community?
2020-05-29What is this light bulb?
2020-05-26Restoring 1950's veneer dresser
2020-05-1230 birthday puns
2020-05-05Ways to use salt and vinegar powder
2020-05-02How do I overcome my grad school PTSD and self esteem issues?
2020-04-30Would you repair a leaky dishwasher in These Times?
2020-04-29Help me tame my knotty/naughty hair!
2020-04-14Date night during coronavirus
2020-04-09Random grocery substitutions, vanilla cashew yogurt edition
2020-04-07Boundaries & Feedback in the Time of COVID
2020-04-07Pork butt in the house!
2020-04-06Pork butt in the house!
2020-04-06Bread/baking recipes that require egg, but not yeast?
2020-03-24Our finances changed but Affordable Care Act premium hasn’t
2020-03-24How dangerous is it to buy a third-party laptop battery?
2020-03-20Can I fly to the US from Mexico while the border is closed?
2020-03-16How to host an online party for family and friends
2020-03-10COVID Question: School and Immuno-compromised edition
2020-03-05How is the RAV4 hybrid?
2020-03-01Can you help me learn more about the purpose of these stone slabs?
2020-02-29It's not hoarding, it's planning: possible pandemic pantry edition.
2020-02-28It's not hoarding, it's planning: possible pandemic pantry edition.
2020-02-28Is it legal to be asked to train without pay at a new job?
2020-02-27Should I stay or should I go now????
2020-02-26What personal preparations are reasonable for coronavirus?
2020-02-25I'm a nice person. Really!!
2020-02-24love back rp3 lbdp c3po
2020-02-20What's a new baker to bake?
2020-02-18Solar power or home repairs?
2020-02-16Tell me your favorite recipes that could include Calvados
2020-02-10birthday cake recipe, no sugar added
2020-02-09Beer me brah
2020-02-03Reward system for habits and managing impulsive spending - ADHD edition
2020-02-02Should I push back at Geico's settlement offer, and if so, how?
2020-02-02Women's flats and sandals in the Blundstone spirit
2020-01-30Trying to get over astrology trauma
2020-01-28"How to ""break in"" a newly cut door key"
2020-01-23What kind of tacos should I make?
2020-01-14Travels with Charlie uh, no, Travels wTycho
2020-01-14Rituals for leaving a house you don't want to leave?
2020-01-13How do you organize your tiny kitchen?
2020-01-11Please house me
2020-01-04Class for verbal abuser on how to stop being abusive?
2020-01-03How do you deal with a mean boss?