Which comments by theora55 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-27Comfortable, warm, winter walking/work boots
2021-12-25(US) Wrong mailman picked up gift
2021-11-26Hock lock in stock! Toxic?
2021-11-25Quick tricks to rapidly reduce diastolic blood pressure?
2021-11-17What kind of fish is this?
2021-11-10How to manage money without thinking about money
2021-10-26Was this a case of medical neglect?
2021-10-15"How can I legally and ethically watch Hannah Gadsby's ""Nanette"" special?"
2021-10-07How to prepare a peed-upon subfloor
2021-09-28lightweight iPhone for someone with neuropathy?
2021-09-22I just want to make squares… but not in Two Dots
2021-09-16calling all annoyed helpdesk people
2021-09-12Menswear inspired suiting for 16 year old
2021-09-06What to do with tiny peaches?
2021-09-04can i put this on my hair?
2021-08-23The winter cometh and I need a new blanket
2021-08-18Standup mylar pouches
2021-08-01Tell me about switching from Android to iPhone
2021-07-31I need this to stop
2021-07-28Hanging kitchen heat dividers, trying not to start a fire
2021-07-25Easiest boat to get back into from the water?
2021-07-18Can I eat that, refrigerator explosion edition
2021-07-12The Cake Is (Not) A Lie!
2021-07-09gai naam leab
2021-07-07Hair Help Desperately Needed.
2021-07-06Budget laptop for bare-bones use?
2021-07-05Best practices in the days following a traumatic experience
2021-07-02How would you break this move into manageable chunks?
2021-06-30it seems awkward to show up empty-handed
2021-06-30What do you use to mop your floors that smells good or is unscented?
2021-06-30Apartment Hacks: Storage and Organization
2021-06-29Apartment Hacks: Storage and Organization
2021-06-23Not breaking a lease so much as a conscious uncoupling
2021-06-18talk to me about adrenal fatigue
2021-06-14The spice must flow...for movie night
2021-06-14preventive cleaning/best practices for bath and sink drain?
2021-06-04Home Renovation 101
2021-06-02Cutting down on time together
2021-04-29Help me help my mom sell her business so she can retire
2021-04-21What strange things has your dog eaten?
2021-04-1950th birthdayfilter:
2021-04-18Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce, open, best by Nov. 2020—can I eat it?
2021-04-15What should I cook in my giant new pan?
2021-04-13How can I recreate a relaxing fancy hotel stay but at home?
2021-04-09Did I screw up my Covid vaccination by taking Advil a few days later?
2021-04-04Why do my hands hurt?
2021-03-30How do I get my pup to stop obsessively licking other dogs' faces?
2021-03-26How to build a house for climate change?
2021-03-23Choosing between unlimited time off and ... unlimited time off.
2021-03-23Vegan gardening
2021-03-20Help with a doggy “toddler tantrum”
2021-03-19Puff Me Up
2021-03-17Winter is coming (eventually) and I need a generator this time around.
2021-03-11Do I Need a New Bike to Start Commuting By Bike?
2021-03-10How to Reality Check Covid Concerns?
2021-02-25Sprawling, adventuresome novels with a strong sense of place
2021-02-24Should I get the vaccine right now?
2021-02-23Workshop my dining room design
2021-02-21My favourite shirt is almost dead.
2021-02-19how to bring up a work concern diplomatically
2021-02-19beanplating my stored emergency water. Ok to drink? glass vs plastic?
2021-02-10Subscription Magazines from... whom?
2021-02-10Do I Need to Correct This Tax Form?
2021-02-09Online group activity for 18-21?
2021-02-08So. Much. Brisket...
2021-02-07What can a 4-year-old do quietly for 1-2 hours?
2021-02-05How do I learn to sound less angry?
2021-02-04How do you constructively interact with with hypercritical people?
2021-01-24Tell me how you disengage your anxiety spiral
2021-01-22Art Studio Gift
2021-01-14Lowering blood pressure without medication
2021-01-12App games for 2.5 year old
2021-01-03Can I eat this? Room temperature pork edition