Which comments by theora55 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-21Baking more than one thing at a time?
2022-12-15Advocating for My Dying Grandma
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2022-12-11Outside the box gifts
2022-12-11Thoughtful, creative, and quieter videos for a two-year-old?
2022-12-02A vegan equivalent for slow cooked meat Feijoada?
2022-11-30Send noods
2022-11-23I need a good keratosis pilaris treatment, but...
2022-11-18Dog ownership 101
2022-11-10Communication resources ?
2022-11-08Skip the baby talk
2022-11-02Vegan showstoppers for vegans who want to cook more
2022-10-28Will essential oils go stale on my clothes?
2022-10-26what physiological responses create bodily sensations of emotions?
2022-10-25Seeking a Kosher-Keeping Main Dish That Will Keep
2022-10-20Rituals or actions to make my big new house feel like my home?
2022-10-13Where's my easy dessert recipe?
2022-10-03Songs of '89
2022-09-15My Jewelry Has A Secret Stash Of.....?
2022-09-12Friend died by suicide, I haven't coped with last time, too much to do
2022-09-12Rehoming beloved cat in a week. How do I not get consumed with grief?
2022-09-11can you dye (or paint) jute wedge shoes?
2022-09-11Would you find this helpful?
2022-09-01Killing + replacing a large patch of weeds w/out toxins?
2022-08-25Delicious OTC Flammatory
2022-08-22Green garnish alternatives that aren't an allium?
2022-08-19feeling stupid, how to reframe this
2022-08-14Help settle a disagreement about masking and covid
2022-07-28Ventless portable AC in New England? Get landlord to pay for hotel? Cry?
2022-07-20Anniversary Cocktail Idea
2022-07-09How do you clean a Kik-step rolling step stool?
2022-06-27Should I get rid of my puppy?
2022-06-27Road trips in the northeastern US (roughly)
2022-06-24please help me figure out how to have this horrible conversation
2022-06-24How to gracefully withdraw from Job A
2022-06-24Purse stable high protein dog treats recipe?
2022-06-17Tips for building a shared gas fire pit
2022-06-16Can I eat it? Power's out!
2022-06-02Is there a Mister Rogers in your neighborhood?
2022-06-01Credit Union won't cover fraudulent charges?
2022-05-14how best to protect woodwork outdoors?
2022-05-09What sorts of food should you eat if you want to stay lean?
2022-05-05"""print your own"" festival wristband?"
2022-05-03I want the opposite of loud
2022-05-01Need more variety for work-from-home lunches
2022-04-25Help me find the lightest-weight slightly poofy summer comforter/duvet
2022-04-22What are Dansk pots useful for?
2022-04-21shatter this mug, but NEATLY
2022-04-07Recommendations for how to feel slightly less awful during treatment
2022-03-28What's the best trip you've ever taken with your kids?
2022-03-16Help me help my girlfriend, a very sweet tax delinquent
2022-03-13TV shows with self-absorbed, witty jerks as leads?
2022-03-13TV shows with self-absorbed, witty jerks as leads?
2022-03-07Car stolen, bummer time to be in the used car market. What to do?
2022-03-07California tax lawyer?
2022-03-07Cat Whisperers, I need you
2022-02-28How do I even begin to replace a septic tank?
2022-02-28Bulgur main dishes: vegan, not salad, not chili
2022-02-24Cognitive dissonance about my marriage, what is the reality?
2022-02-23How to destroy Lycra
2022-02-20Adopting a senior dog
2022-02-19How to file U.S. taxes, very late edition
2022-02-17Tweens and clothes - parenting best practices?
2022-02-09Can I build a better mouse house?
2022-02-07My 5.5 year old wants to get hit by a car when he is upset
2022-02-02I don't WANT to smell like a cough drop
2022-01-30Interested in anecdotes about simplifying divorce
2022-01-20"""Necessary if Sufficient"" !?"
2022-01-18Preschooler separation anxiety
2022-01-16Womens Clothing Sizes: WTF
2022-01-14How do horses or oxen deal with bringing heavy loads down a hill?
2022-01-13Ways to get PCR test for a resistant child other than force?