Which comments by LKWorking were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-29Where to go on a trip? Difficulty level: Fun for the WHOLE family.
2016-12-15Help me untangle Aleppo?
2016-12-05Please help ID this candy.
2016-12-02Children's books with realistic/ambiguous plots
2016-10-25Legal Insurance
2016-09-08Come on, kid, please just... try?
2016-09-01Help me find this bowl!
2016-08-30Birthday Nosh?
2016-08-04Novels with scenes set at performances?
2016-06-14Kosher Kids Snacks
2016-05-26Blogs about plants and plant collecting?
2016-05-26How to buy home playground equipment
2016-05-18animal crackers in my soup
2016-05-17Engagement ring alternatives?
2016-05-09MCU movies rewatch: what snacks?
2016-05-05Give your best large batch Mac and Cheese recipe!
2016-05-03Please help the world's pickiest drinker drink.
2016-04-27What easy vegetarian meals can I cook for six, including kids?
2016-04-27iPad apps and learning games for a four-year-old?
2016-04-05Just exactly how stupid would I be to pursue my MLIS?