Which comments by LKWorking were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-04Entertainment for the easily carsick
2017-11-20Nontoy gift ideas for kids
2017-11-15Objectively crappy/subjectively awesome movies to laugh at while tipsy
2017-11-07One way friends
2017-10-16Body wash that doesn't smell like food or flowers?
2017-10-04Templates for printing pages to track elderly parent's health?
2017-09-26Toddler loves parks but Winter Is Coming - indoor activity ideas?
2017-09-21Banner/topper for merchandiser fridge?
2017-09-01What is worth paying a *little* more for?
2017-08-30I need modular food
2017-08-29Looking for a private, multi-user wiki
2017-08-24What sites get comments right?
2017-08-10Grown Up Lady Work Dresses.
2017-08-04Personal items damaged at work…Recourse?
2017-07-18Gift basket by Friday?
2017-06-15After a breakup, songs of hope for the future
2017-06-05How do vegetarians stay sated?
2017-05-22Engagement gift? What fresh hell is this?
2017-03-15Comics or exciting stories for a five year old
2017-03-14Looking for fiction books with a mix of English and Spanish
2017-03-03Science, please
2017-02-21Research/articles/books on play in school-aged children
2017-02-20What is this little piece of swag's function?
2017-01-09Husband's Boss Throwing Us A Baby Shower Etiquette?