Which comments by Mr.Know-it-some were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-04Help me bring up talking points about racism in middle school.
2018-10-24How do states influence other states' statutes?
2018-10-22Is my free-and-clear laundry detergent OK for baby?
2018-08-15Help plan my escape
2018-07-25South Kaibab Trail to Ooh Aah Point: How Risky Before Dawn?
2018-07-20How do I get the DSCC to stop emailing me??
2018-07-13What else can I clean?
2018-06-15Who is helping the children at the border?
2018-06-14Good morning Baltimore!
2018-05-08Requiring an MLS listing before a coop sale?
2018-05-07Yo Ho, Yo Ho, an Ocean Topic for Me!
2018-05-02incentivizing running w/ a return
2018-04-20Thai TV in the USA?
2018-04-19What is a "home warranty"
2018-04-06Good collections of bad reviews
2018-03-20Rock-a-bye little one
2018-03-16Got some extra $, best charity?
2018-03-08"Dumpster Fire" citations? Radar Secret Service band connection?
2018-03-05One by one, my friends age and turn to the right. I'd rather not.
2018-02-28Is it possible to stay friends with an ex-liberal?
2018-02-16Non-fiction reading for the agnostic soul
2018-01-30Is the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMSS) legitimate?
2018-01-24Roads to avoid if you're scared of heights?
2018-01-21tell me about most amazing place you've ever swam!
2018-01-10How does babby become well-adjusted adult?
2018-01-03Fitness(/nutrition) podcasts?