Which comments by Mr.Know-it-some were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-27What other exercises like the 7-minute workout can I be doing?
2021-12-01Protected Bike Lane regulations in US
2021-11-19Treadmill recommendations needed.
2021-11-10Running with my little bro, virtually
2021-11-05the idea is to survive.
2021-10-21What's the relationship between real dollar adjustment and inflation?
2021-10-01Brooklyn >>> DC DC Things to look forward to
2021-07-29Talking to doctors
2021-07-02Could Nationwide Water Flow Solve This Woe?
2021-05-26Fun things to do this Sunday in Washington, DC?
2021-05-07Landlord offered to sell my apartment to me - questions!
2021-05-07Loved Goodbye, Columbus. What should I read next?
2021-04-14In education, what is this phenomenon called?
2021-04-01Where should my wealth go to fight inequality?
2021-03-17Simple/affordable camera and lens for travel?
2021-03-11Help me decide on a charity to put in my will
2021-02-15Glow-Up My Pantry
2021-02-01Tennis Racket?
2021-01-21"What is this kids book about an ""indoor toilet that doesn't stink""?"
2021-01-12Books about arctic/antarctic exploration
2021-01-04Is it time to cancel my term life insurance policy?
2021-01-02Looking for more kind TV