Which comments by JackFlash were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-16Wiring for the near novice, awesome gift at stake.
2020-12-10Fix my beer fridge!
2020-11-25How to clean an oven after it’s been cleaned?
2020-11-17Best conservative non-retirement investment options?
2020-11-16Best conservative non-retirement investment options?
2020-11-15Wow, what's up with iron combustion?
2020-10-26A plug-in hybrid car with no place to plug it in?
2020-10-19Can I use a smaller propane tank?
2020-10-12What animal is pooing all over our garden?
2020-08-28I'll take life insurance for $1,000,000 Alex.
2020-08-17(Re)creating a plastic a/c part from scratch?
2020-08-12Wiring a Light Fixture: Expert Edition
2020-08-07Am I wearing out my laptop using it for work?
2020-08-07Not Losing all my Retirement Investment
2020-07-07Partial Electricity Loss for No Known Reason
2020-07-07eyeglass prescription process
2020-06-21Analog Audio Mux/Demux over copper wire???
2020-03-21Report Roth IRA withdrawal for school, 2019
2020-03-20Does she have to go to a doctor to get inhaler prescription?
2020-02-16Embezzling co-owner trying to kick partner out of business, help!
2020-01-21Hot or not?
2020-01-18Minnesota / Wisconsin swimming season?
2020-01-14Could my magnetic phone bracket cause (very) intermittent VDSL issues?
2020-01-11Can the House subpoena Bolton now?