Which comments by bleep were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

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2019-10-02Linking to PDF drawings for download on a Wordpress page
2019-09-30What is the homologue to bat echolocation cerebral function?
2019-09-216.5 month old kittens --> neutering --> ravenous beasties
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2019-08-06How to excel at retail, for anxious depressive introverts
2019-07-31Should I fire my periodontist?
2019-07-06I'm a total square
2019-06-23"Trust not my reading, nor my observations..."
2019-05-24History of education, teaching and schools
2019-05-23How should I love my dog less?
2019-05-13Help me pay my rent
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2019-04-21Show mentioned on NPR this weekend?
2019-04-20Best SanFran on crutches?
2019-04-18Helping my lower GI tract get its groove back after illness
2019-03-15Wanted: your best wisdom & resources to support an 'estrangee'
2019-03-14I think I like my solitude.
2019-02-26(How) can I effectively have a discussion about sexism with a coworker?
2019-02-07We cannot manage to clean our cat's ears
2019-01-28What To Do List Software Is Right For Me?
2019-01-21Don't shoot the messenger. Anger or frustration not directed at you.
2019-01-12Elevator pitch needed for why this interaction sucked.
2019-01-03Can/should cat have meds before vet visit?