Which comments by wnissen were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-15What was wrong with this wine? or What was wrong with me?
2021-12-15Where do I go after Wells Fargo? Looking for a new brokerage.
2021-12-03Where Should I Live in Mexico?
2021-09-17Switching Verizon Postpaid to Verizon Prepaid
2021-09-03France sounds nice...
2021-09-03France sounds nice...
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2021-03-11Do I Need a New Bike to Start Commuting By Bike?
2021-03-10Finance-filter. Does my early retirement plan pass the sniff test?
2021-03-09Finance-filter. Does my early retirement plan pass the sniff test?
2021-03-07How long will the British Royal Family continue?
2021-02-04Solve my Covid testing riddle
2021-01-31Best way to buy a framed print of a professional photographer's photo?
2021-01-18Becoming a Costco supplier