Which comments by ManyLeggedCreature were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-19An escape room in a box that also teaches you stuff?
2020-12-11Things that look like a part but are actually a whole
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2020-12-07amuse my bouche
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2020-11-25Hard drive suddenly wiped....mostly?
2020-10-16I want to make dioramas with a twist
2020-10-16I want to make dioramas with a twist
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2020-09-14search term for t shirt type & general transmasc clothing advice
2020-08-31In search of Refinnej and the tale of her time traveling brother.
2020-08-31In search of Refinnej and the tale of her time traveling brother.
2020-08-31What 2 children's/preteen books am I thinking of?
2020-08-24Herrings, lard and mascarpone: delicious recipes?
2020-08-22How to get rid of Chrome startup page links?
2020-08-05Book recommendations involving twins?
2020-07-31South Island New Zealand: obscure things to do?
2020-07-29What's the joke?
2020-07-11Another book identification quest
2020-07-11Another book identification quest
2020-07-05Found in Translation
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2020-06-26What kind of caterpiller is this? can we raise it? How?
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2020-04-21Shopping During Coronavirus: Best Practices (Snowflakes Edition)
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2020-03-20Rolls / Person / Week
2020-01-30'Middle England' but not in the middle
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