Which comments by quince were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-27how do I get over this?
2016-12-02Dispute with Contractor on extra fee. Nothing written. How to resolve?
2016-11-01Darling, what do you DO to have such lovely cuticles?
2016-11-01Cat travel and vacation home
2016-10-28did I blow it?
2016-10-12Rental househunting in College Park/Greenbelt, MD - resources?
2016-09-20How do you move beyond betrayal?
2016-08-18Painting and wall prep
2016-08-15Please help me stay true to myself
2016-08-13Never seen cheese sweat before
2016-08-03Paralysis of overchoice, kitchen flooring edition
2016-06-30YANAD, but my mother is slowly deteriorating and I need help
2016-06-29Rugs and hardwood floors--overthinking it?
2016-06-22Snappy comebacks for when people joke about my name
2016-06-05Seeking to be more mature and less insecure in my marriage
2016-05-29Dealing with difficult strangers
2016-05-22Grief at work
2016-05-03Please help the world's pickiest drinker drink.
2016-04-22Frito Feet and Stanky Pet Pits: A Cornish Rex Conundrum
2016-04-13Flower bouquet/arrangement delivery in San Diego — w/ online store?
2016-04-08What one skincare product should I add to my routine?
2016-03-14Girl Fight
2016-03-03How do I help my paranoid, elderly mom in rapid mental decline?
2016-02-05Credit cards - looking for nerdy bookkeeping dets
2016-02-03Help us pick a couch color
2016-02-02Need plan to survive new job, long commute, dad in hospice
2016-01-29Dogs that go Yap in the night
2016-01-18How to bring up body odor issue to family member?
2016-01-05How important is it really to skip a day between workouts?
2016-01-03What to do with a surplus of buckwheat cocoa nib cookies?
2016-01-03"(S)he doesn't age. (S)he youthens."