Which comments by jrobin276 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-25how to wait tables?
2016-12-21Help me cope with mountain lion stress
2016-12-11Items I need to drive across the country
2016-10-28Parts is Parts for Thanksgiving?
2016-10-09Pee for enjoyment, not employment
2016-10-05Stickers!!!!!! (Squee)
2016-09-29Comfort me with comfort food
2016-09-15Cats are not like dogs that poop in a box.
2016-08-25Self help book recommendations on self love & personal stories of growth
2016-08-15YouTube channels that will inspire my 3-year-old daughter to make stuff
2016-08-13I've spent my whole life trying NOT to get pregnant
2016-08-13I've spent my whole life trying NOT to get pregnant
2016-08-10Mmmm bop. Tween edition.
2016-08-05Japanese Names for Dummies
2016-08-01How do I answer the (apartment building) door with a newborn?
2016-07-13Where can I find high quality, comfortable yet stylish clothing online?
2016-07-05Sydney in the twenty-first century
2016-06-23I think you need therapy...
2016-06-14My summer just fell apart
2016-06-11Awesome gift for 11yo niece in Japan
2016-05-16What to do on a really long sabbatical
2016-05-13I'm gregarious and my boss is an introvert. Help me not piss him off.
2016-05-08Playing it by ear in Queensland
2016-04-06Knitting/crochet books/magazines for preteen
2016-03-31Is this even a thing, landscaping edition
2016-03-24But, But, I Don't Wanna Work In Underland Full Time
2016-03-11YANMD, YANMT: Where do I start as an anxious, sober alcoholic manchild?
2016-03-07baby led weaning is just a fancy name for finger food
2016-03-07Where can I find a hip leather binder for a young professional?
2016-02-18Cat with adominal cancer. What next?
2016-02-06What's it like to be one and done?
2016-01-27What are some websites I can visit to take a short mental break at work?
2016-01-23We're living somewhere else for a month. But where?!
2016-01-10Protecting my daughter from culture shock on a 6-week-trip to Japan
2016-01-06TEFL certification online?
2016-01-03Are there more apps like Neko Atsume?