Which comments by Sunburnt were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-30Resolving a gmail bomb
2016-12-28You aren't who you think you are...
2016-12-28You aren't who you think you are...
2016-12-20In the name of all that is holy, let the nice lady clean you.
2016-12-02Starter Toolkit as a Gift?
2016-11-13Vehicle Attrition Rate from 1965?
2016-10-28Dishonored 2 Trailer: Live Action + CGI, or Just CGI?
2016-10-24Tell me when to quit.
2016-10-20When might this Pet Shop Boys show end?
2016-10-14Books about/set in Minneapolis
2016-10-07Aviation- and Space-nerd books please (fiction need not apply)
2016-10-05Best unlocked cheap phone available at Walmart?
2016-09-25How secure is a car with a 'remote keyless entry' system?
2016-09-22Hook Me Up! --MAC VERSION - external keyboard
2016-09-22Should we name a kid after a dead guinea pig?
2016-08-25What should I do with 10 lb of bacon frozen together?
2016-08-02International news with less gorn?
2016-07-21Most effective donation strategy for 2016 election?
2016-07-14Looking for podcasts that are both like and unlike The Truth
2016-04-21How to watch Game of Thrones on a Budget.
2016-04-19Vendor "Take-Back" Software Licensing
2016-04-08Good/bad idea: going to our friends' wedding a week before our own?
2016-04-04What (Artsy, Indie, Interesting) Computer Game Should I Play?
2016-03-29Best way to clean personal info off work computer?
2016-03-18Movies that feature shots of satellites, preferably malfunctioning?
2016-03-17Listserv integrated with wordpress?
2016-03-11Water+computer=how bad?
2016-03-09Affirmative, Enthusiastic, Mutual Consent: The Play List
2016-03-01Moving in Seattle
2016-02-23Can I use leftover pork shoulder to make pork broth?
2016-02-11Hope to Work Out of Town....But Need a Serious Monitor
2016-02-10Cool Things between Charlotte and College Station
2016-02-09More audio comedy for my 12-year-old son
2016-02-01Pesidents birth, health, school records besides Obama
2016-01-29Making sugar scrub favors with canola oil?
2016-01-25Best practice for Windows 10 update
2016-01-08What kinds of powerful telescopes did NASA have access to in the 1960's?
2016-01-07Cambridge/Boston date night - for fussy eaters?
2016-01-04A fat man's north opens and he wanders over and turns the Liza over...
2016-01-03What to do with a surplus of buckwheat cocoa nib cookies?