Which comments by Sunburnt were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-11-28What useful and/or fun things can I do with a spare gaming PC?
2018-10-26Curated ideas of things to do in Seattle
2018-10-08You loved Downton Abbey, now you love...
2018-10-08You loved Downton Abbey, now you love...
2018-10-03What is the best replacement for Amazon Music?
2018-09-26Networking for dummies
2018-09-12My ER bill was sent to collections, but I have already paid it
2018-09-11Favorite streaming radio stations?
2018-08-09Sci fi novel with murderous houses
2018-06-26Safe to turn off our hot water heater when there's an unknown leak?
2018-05-23Advice or recommendations for the Canary Islands?
2018-05-23Moar Bladerunner please
2018-05-21Best True Crime and Money-Related Podcast Episodes
2018-05-15What do you call a justification-apology?
2018-05-10Think Nina Totenberg meets Law & Order (the 2nd half) meets Undisclosed
2018-05-01How do dial Metropolitan Police (London) from Canada
2018-04-24DVD ripping/copying/editing in 2018
2018-04-12What's a good NPR station streaming app for Android?
2018-04-06Good collections of bad reviews
2018-04-02technology doesn't arise in a vacuum
2018-03-28Matzoh Ball Soup for the Lone Vegetarian
2018-03-21Where did the "discard the meat, eat the brick" recipe joke originate?
2018-03-21Where did the "discard the meat, eat the brick" recipe joke originate?
2018-03-20Vet Fiction That Isn't James Herriot, But For Real Now
2018-03-12This is not the Windows 10 you are looking for
2018-03-12Best daily carry tips for the professional commuter
2018-03-05Stories of Successful Long-term Planning Coming to Fruition
2018-02-13Seeking an effective tin foil hat on the cheap
2018-02-13Victorian recipes don't always give tons of information
2018-01-30Do I really need to make an under-insured motorist claim?
2018-01-27I can't; I'm busy in 2023.
2018-01-22Just like that previous "mystery button" AskMeFi, except 100 years newer
2018-01-10Sleeping, breathing, not breathing, it's a problem...
2018-01-09Mis-dated cover letter