Which comments by JoeZydeco were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-11-02Gimme some Ocean's Eleven music without the dialogue!
2017-10-24Is there a way to boycott the Koch Brothers?
2017-10-14Metafilter, Wikipedia, Facebook, and...
2017-10-12i have to stop eating cold tablets
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2017-09-25I Want My 92 year old mom to use my iPad.
2017-09-21Quotes about implementation
2017-09-12What is the most creative way you can think of to drain a pool?
2017-09-06How do you clean the back of your ears?
2017-09-05How to see a friend during an O'Hare layover
2017-08-17Eclipse Glasses - the safe, not safe, safe again saga
2017-08-13What's a good cute/punny name for an animatronic bird.
2017-06-27What's this website I saw once and forgot to bookmark?
2017-06-24How to be able to use a touchscreen device in a glovebox
2017-06-20Indianapolis, St. Louis, and the road in between
2017-06-02House design trends in your area
2017-05-23What brand of shower handle is this?
2017-04-21Unusual relaxation products?
2017-04-21Unusual relaxation products?
2017-04-17Help me dream up a 40th birthday getaway!
2017-04-07Passport ID Woes
2017-04-03What are these man-made structures in the South China Sea?
2017-03-29If I leave my company before the end of the year, do I owe them for FSA
2017-03-17Mortgage officer screwed us over. Help me not have a total meltdown.
2017-03-08Booking a Flight on short notice (funeral)
2017-02-23What are the best space/astronomy-related activities and events?
2017-02-15Managing Gmail Prompts
2017-01-21Best language learning program for my car
2017-01-20Help me learn more about protests
2017-01-11Moving pictures off an Ipad to PC.