Which comments by JoeZydeco were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-18Sous-Vide precooking?
2020-12-18Sous-Vide precooking?
2020-12-08What is … ?
2020-12-01What are some great overlooked jobs in the health industry?
2020-11-25Hard drive suddenly wiped....mostly?
2020-09-21How can I scent laundry without soap or dryer sheets?
2020-09-14Dog shampoo for dogs who love to roll in horrible things
2020-08-27ISO digital thermometer that accepts multiple thermocouple types
2020-08-17Muppets road safety....ride? in a mall?
2020-08-13How do I find a compatible LCD driver board?
2020-08-03"What should I be looking for when inspecting a 100-yo ""flip"" rehab?"
2020-07-14How much money do lights at baseball stadiums cost the team owners?
2020-07-07Identify this electronic connector
2020-06-16What is this thing around the guy's neck
2020-05-29Stuck at disassembling my IKEA (I think) bed, what tool do I need?
2020-05-04"Chicagoland beach we could ""visit"" from the car?"
2020-04-30Would you repair a leaky dishwasher in These Times?
2020-04-15no notice resignation
2020-01-29Last-Minute Trip to Germany
2020-01-29Advice for 12yo boy with ADHD when he feels stressed
2020-01-28Last-Minute Trip to Germany
2020-01-24Want to add USB port to my computerized sewing machine. Don't know how.