Which comments by dobbs were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-11-15Lend me your (recommendations for media to put in my) ears
2021-10-26Recommended introduction to film theory?
2021-10-26Recommended introduction to film theory?
2021-10-25" ""classic rock that *really* rocks, with no vocals"""
2021-10-13Don’t Lie To Me
2021-10-04The plant is dead. Long live the plant.
2021-09-19How to protect the bottom of a new computer
2021-09-08Give me your best sustainable products for the self and home
2021-05-22Help me identify this experimental film we watched in in college in 1995
2021-05-08I want a plant for a specific spot in my house
2021-04-1950th birthdayfilter:
2021-04-10Cover our Couches
2021-04-09Please tell me what Mac laptop to buy!
2021-02-21Help! This tiny bug just bit me! What is it?
2021-02-19What the heck did my friend and I witness in Spain?