Which comments by The Elusive Architeuthis were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-31Where should I set up a simple majority fund for a minor?
2016-12-24How do we prepare to be pregnant soon (maybe)?
2016-11-27Tenant/housemate with a drinking problem
2016-10-17We are trying to Denver. Hope us.
2016-09-30Pregnant and uninsured
2016-09-30Pregnant and uninsured
2016-09-22How to encourage a diverse tech mentorship program?
2016-08-13Never seen cheese sweat before
2016-08-01How do I answer the (apartment building) door with a newborn?
2016-07-30Is there a single generally accepted concept of per diem payments?
2016-07-29How to Decide: Reupholstering Old vs. Buying New Couch?
2016-07-28Canadian pediatrician moving to USA
2016-07-21i have brain cancer and no one to care for me
2016-07-20Should I rent or should I buy now?
2016-07-17Monitoring infection during switchover to oral antibiotics
2016-07-15Need a nerdy, ball-shaped gift for a testicular cancer survivor
2016-07-14DIY Photography Lighting for Paintings and Glassware
2016-06-22Should I attend boss's farewell party?
2016-06-20Over the river, through the woods but NOT to grandmother's house we go
2016-06-18Medication for public speaking phobia?
2016-06-13Should I try to be superwoman?
2016-06-07Available comics for non-reading young girl w/ strong visual story
2016-06-03Replacing our bed with futon to save space?
2016-05-23Books to put on a baby registry
2016-05-20How to handle an eager employee if you can't afford their help?
2016-05-19What's up ... ummm ... doc?
2016-05-18animal crackers in my soup
2016-05-10Help me pamper myself
2016-04-10just a cheap imitation
2016-03-31Which neighborhood?
2016-03-22Genetic testing options BEFORE becoming pregnant?
2016-03-16Doula for a Medically-Required Induction?
2016-03-12Duvet or comforter cover help requested
2016-03-10How to sew by hand?
2016-03-08PA vs Medical School
2016-03-05What Mattress Is Good for Kids?
2016-02-22What medical treatment might unintentionally disprove paternity?
2016-02-10Getting off the gravy train
2016-01-22Babies falling from the sky
2016-01-19Find me a heavy, warm blanket.
2016-01-17Formal Wear for the Big Man
2016-01-12Handwritten Thank You Note + ... ?
2016-01-07Non-Parent Needs Parenting Book Recomendation.
2016-01-05Can you help me explain diabetes to a cranky old guy?