Which comments by Weeping_angel were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-03Pie/2 - leftover pecan pie goo
2019-11-20Help me pick a TSA-friendly shaving cream
2019-11-18"Ideas for ""Cozy"" birthday evening"
2019-11-18:siren: calling all ice cream making mefites :siren:
2019-10-21The truth, the whole truth. OK, I’ll take a half truth too.
2019-10-15What kind of birthday cake would you like?
2019-08-2121 and My Dogs - Your experience with Breed Identification tests?
2019-08-01Superheroes in hot weather
2019-07-24Gardening: what to do about new turf lawn that has mostly died
2019-07-15Looking for gateway vegetable recipes
2019-07-15Looking for gateway vegetable recipes
2019-07-10potluck ideas: kidney failure edition
2019-06-10Karaokefilter, fast talker edition
2019-04-19Rookie tattoo advice/design
2019-04-17Bath tray for bath with no lip
2019-02-26In Search of Space Hippies
2019-02-17Choosing a meal replacement
2019-01-17Explain cockroach control to me like I'm a terrified 5 year old