Which comments by amaire were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-09-03Gifts for people you don't know well
2020-08-06Mourning the Mole I never had
2020-08-04FOMO, COVID edition
2020-08-04Helped friend A help his friend B, then B paid me unexpectedly
2020-06-16Foolproof Call Recording?
2020-05-28Help me write a sign
2020-05-20What can you do with one child that you can’t do with two or more?
2020-05-19And then what happened?
2020-05-17Babyproofing this old house
2020-04-20What can I bake with 2 lemons and no grater?
2020-04-15"""Let's cheers"": is that a thing?"
2020-03-15Go or Cancel - important medical appt. tomorrow
2020-03-11finding unique retail or touristy businesses
2020-02-17Solar power or home repairs?
2020-02-10Cooking for two
2020-02-10I need an elegant solution to my bag problems . . . what is it?
2020-02-06Portland marriage proposal
2020-02-06Career + Couples Decisionmaking Anxiety
2020-01-14Is it normal to feel hungry after starting to eat smaller portions?
2020-01-06Are there any bathtubs optimized for showering?