Which comments by away for regrooving were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-30If two 120V circuits shock you, is that 240V?
2021-12-23Emergency Hummingbird Feeder Heater Needed
2021-09-06What to do with tiny peaches?
2021-08-05How do I train my replacement?
2021-06-21I need book series recs for a weirdly unadventurous 6th grader
2021-06-18Interesting cookie recipes?
2021-05-20Negative Antibody Test Post-COVID Vaccination
2021-05-18Are there stats on % in US who have had Covid AND vaccine?
2021-05-15Staycation in Seattle
2021-04-19Friend tried to hire our nanny without consulting me. What next?
2021-04-17What delicious things should I plant? (Absolute beginner edition)
2021-04-07Vaccines and communicability.
2021-02-16Glow-Up My Pantry
2021-02-10Lack dev exp, lack tech writer exp, at a loss as to what to do
2021-01-12Help me be paranoid in the right direction
2021-01-01Finding stuff in the age of SEO