Which comments by ClaireBear were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-10-29How can we keep our cat comfortably warm at night?
2020-10-25Does It Matter Which Bank We Use To Refinance Our Home?
2020-10-23Just ten thousand reflections of my own sweet self
2020-10-12Food Poisoning and Getting to Urgent Care
2020-10-05Can you help my ear lobe heal?
2020-10-05Can you help my ear lobe heal?
2020-09-02How does this scam work?
2020-08-23House hunting in the age of Covid
2020-08-14Is professional tile/grout cleaning worth it?
2020-07-12Best in the worst or worst in the best?
2020-07-03"Word that means ""gap in knowledge"""
2020-05-15Would you rush an interstate move right now, to save $35-55K?
2020-04-17Get me out of New York! Much later! When it's safe!
2020-04-15What material should I pick if I don't want my bathroom counter to dye?