Which comments by Johnny Assay were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

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2020-07-10Books about the American West from a Native perspective?
2020-06-28What's the bird called that called this bird call?
2020-06-28i wanna learn piano on my own terms
2020-06-18u just called new bird who dis?
2020-06-15Identify this South American earthquake that was felt in the US & Canada
2020-04-19how to report plagiarism
2020-04-09St. Patrick's Day weekend, Europe to U.S. travel: which airports?
2020-03-12Can you help me figure out United Airline's flight change policy?
2020-02-03Early 2000's Mac game that played like competitive Arkanoid?
2020-01-27Moving Fiancée's Stuff Across Canada US Border