Which comments by bonehead were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-30Works similar to Cryptonomicon and Mother Earth Motherboard
2016-12-28You aren't who you think you are...
2016-12-16I just can't take this anymore, but
2016-11-30Is there a "Couch to 5k" for creativity?
2016-10-27Fixing a warped countertop
2016-10-27How early to get to Toronto Pearson for a Sat. AM flight to the US?
2016-08-31What's in a name? AKA-- Help me pick my new title!
2016-08-29Strangest Thingsest
2016-08-29Strangest Thingsest
2016-08-26Can kitteh eat that?
2016-08-14Is a phablet good enough for reading e-books?
2016-07-29Is this bullying, if so what type, and what should I do?
2016-07-18Falling out of an airplane in a tank of water
2016-07-05Five day cat charm offensive
2016-06-03Bubble bubble no toil and no trouble
2016-06-03How can I avoid "mindfulness"/meditation training program at work?
2016-06-02What non-string instrument should I learn to play?
2016-05-12Is this thing named Audrey?
2016-05-12Does doing a PhD have to be hellish?
2016-03-23What's reasonable to expect men to understand about women's experiences?
2016-02-07Is 3% a typical concentration of hydrogen peroxide for home use?