Which comments by soundguy99 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-30I wish to know the timeline of the current US funding bill.
2020-12-30I wish to know the timeline of the current US funding bill.
2020-12-26Who swears on their mother's womb?
2020-12-09Help me navigate the world of autographed guitars
2020-12-09Making up and making of.
2020-11-28converting mxf files to another format without losing fidelity
2020-11-11Garage Recording Advice
2020-11-11Garage Recording Advice
2020-10-27Is there something about Modes for the guitar/bass that I'm missing?
2020-10-24When is it? Seeking the best dumb and durable watch
2020-10-14Help me Understand Stimulus, Please
2020-10-03Voting by *no mail whatsoever* in Ohio
2020-09-30Frustration with the media RE: absentee ballots
2020-09-25What did I watch?
2020-08-19NYS UI question
2020-07-16Help me reuse audio equipment
2020-07-13Why is my TV acting weird?
2020-07-07Coping with sleeping 4 hours per night?
2020-07-05How did Harlan Ellison make a living?
2020-06-21Analog Audio Mux/Demux over copper wire???
2020-05-16"""Tell Me of Your Karaoke, Usul."""
2020-05-12Funny science fiction / romance / other books?
2020-05-09Your favorite heists!
2020-05-04Help me value my work appropriately?
2020-05-01Condenser Microphone - Broken or Needing a Pre-amp?
2020-05-01Bi-state Funemployment Confusion
2020-05-01"I'm technically ""back to work"": does this mean PUA still applies?"
2020-05-01When will large events (25+) be held again?
2020-04-27Is unemployment for a Sole Proprietor who is paid irregularly possible?
2020-04-23This map of Covina made me curious about the basics of City Governance.
2020-04-21What's wrong with American capitalism? Play this game to find out
2020-04-16Replacing tubes for Epiphone Valve Junior Combo amp.
2020-04-16Replacing tubes for Epiphone Valve Junior Combo amp.
2020-04-14Where to start with Gene Wolfe?
2020-04-06I have two new N-95 masks. Ok to use them or not?
2020-03-29Howto realtime jamming online
2020-03-23Musical collaboration on the cheap?
2020-03-22How is this going to affect so many?
2020-03-14How to convince a rock star to cancel a show
2020-01-20Has Trump gained new supporters since 2016?