Which comments by randomnity were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-11-09I have been on the balcony with a dog with no name
2020-10-15Can I Eat This? Refrigerated, unopened raw bacon edition
2020-08-07Stocking up for The Long Winter
2020-07-28What are the best Asian condiments and ingredients for the home pantry?
2020-07-21To foster fail or not?
2020-07-08eyeglass prescription process
2020-06-08Nutritionally Dense Ingredients That Cook Quickly
2020-05-15We don't see eye to eye, or hear ear to ear
2020-05-15summer prepping, COVID-19 edition
2020-05-15summer prepping, COVID-19 edition
2020-04-09"""If I have a dog, my dog has a human."""
2020-04-07Bread/baking recipes that require egg, but not yeast?
2020-03-31Not my puppy.