Which comments by sparklemotion were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-21Creativity and Distraction
2016-12-21How much competence/sharpness can I reasonably expect from an attorney?
2016-12-20Hero, come and get your love: The Playlist
2016-12-16Can you talk me down from my anxiety?
2016-12-09Can you talk me down from my anxiety?
2016-12-07US/Canada Dual Citizenship Explainer?
2016-12-06Tips for neatening, formatting, and organizing self-study math homework?
2016-12-01Help me learn to read patents!
2016-11-30Can you talk me down from my anxiety?
2016-11-30Can you talk me down from my anxiety?
2016-11-21Lighten Your Load And Go Still Higher. War On Christmas: The Gladdening
2016-11-21His ex wants to move in with him. Their bond is emotional but not sexual
2016-11-10Can I ask people if they voted for Trump before hiring them?
2016-11-10Becoming a Security Researcher
2016-11-09Need guidance on sticking to a serious news and social media diet
2016-11-09Women who have won the popular vote to become head of state?
2016-11-09How best to handle water draining onto driveway
2016-11-08Cat driving us batty; we have twins--help!
2016-11-07What image was taken?
2016-11-02Processing news of infidelity in last relationship - can I hasten this?
2016-11-01What the heck is this thing?
2016-10-31Is there a name for this fresh BS my partner is hoisting upon me?
2016-10-27How early to get to Toronto Pearson for a Sat. AM flight to the US?
2016-10-25Tell me when to quit.
2016-10-24What Would Jorah (Mormont) Say?
2016-10-21Is eating with utensils better than eating with your hand?
2016-10-21How to achieve maximum impact of promotional free software
2016-10-11Idle hands need new work
2016-10-06Name my blog: Plus size + sewing + fashion
2016-10-04Creating new Facebook pages just to secure the URLs: good or bad idea?
2016-09-30Pregnant and uninsured
2016-09-19Dispute with home warranty company: sewage ejector pump or sump pump?
2016-09-16Can you help us fine-tune Pinterest?
2016-09-16Can you help us fine-tune Pinterest?
2016-09-16"Let's support each other" to toxic co-workers -- does this help?
2016-09-15How to prevent a hangover?
2016-09-15Fermentation: how make naturally carbonated beverages that are sweet?
2016-09-13Advice needed on difficult custody situation
2016-09-12How can I activate?
2016-09-04How to deal with paralegal in small law firm
2016-09-02Parenting (?) Dilemma
2016-08-24What to do about insecure friend
2016-08-23Is a Canadian eligible for American Health Insurance? If not now, when?
2016-08-19Luddite seeks non-DRM printer
2016-08-12Appropriate to knit during classical music concert?
2016-08-12It's Like Herding Cats
2016-08-08Difficult dilemma - pursue MBA or apply for well paid permanent job?....
2016-08-08Help with Focal Length & Magnification & even brand for visor.
2016-07-29Makers, what to do with extra parts/never completed projects?
2016-07-28Why is my boss allowed to take vacation in the middle of a production?
2016-07-25Worried about friend, what can I do?
2016-07-12You've been pwned- What next?
2016-07-12You've been pwned- What next?
2016-07-08Backfired: The Briefing
2016-07-06Anti-siphon vs vacuum breaker?
2016-07-01How to get rid of old laptops?
2016-06-27Aliens and the arts
2016-06-27Aliens and the arts
2016-06-23Say something or don’t. What to do about a crush?
2016-06-22Snappy comebacks for when people joke about my name
2016-06-22Snappy comebacks for when people joke about my name
2016-06-22Period’s very late suddenly, not pregnant, what do?
2016-06-22You can't make me! o(>< )o
2016-06-15Should I speak up or shut up?
2016-06-14Attorney ethics question
2016-06-14Lift up your toes ... one at a time...
2016-06-07Working on an expired contract?
2016-06-07How can I tell if I'm in an emotionally abusive relationship?
2016-06-06Help me compile a list of locations from fantasy/sci fi series?
2016-06-02Penny wise and pound foolish?
2016-06-01Is open carry of firearms legal in Minneapolis parks?
2016-06-01Is open carry of firearms legal in Minneapolis parks?
2016-05-26Help me help my favourite person.
2016-05-25Why does James Brown always say "hit me!"?
2016-05-22Please help me stop reading Seveneves
2016-05-18Should I stay and help or should I go?
2016-05-16I think he's been hanging out on Reddit again.
2016-05-15How do I go barefoot at work without detection?
2016-05-13Copyright on 1942 Documents
2016-04-27Podcasts for the picky
2016-04-08Good/bad idea: going to our friends' wedding a week before our own?
2016-03-24Non-Engineering Nonfiction Books for Engineers?
2016-03-15What kind of succulent is this?
2016-02-09can I cancel the credit card I left at a bar?
2016-01-29Dogs that go Yap in the night