Which comments by jacquilynne were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-11-30Destroy my (striped) sweater
2016-11-13Food Giftcard for Those in Need
2016-09-18How can mom travel if dad depends on her and is afraid of terrorism?
2016-09-10Mom + bus trip + 74th birthday = what gift?
2016-09-07Has this been an unusually terrible year for colds?
2016-09-06What does it look like when people stay in touch casually all the time?
2016-08-27Should I refund contributions for my cat's pancreatitis fundraiser?
2016-08-27Should I refund contributions for my cat's pancreatitis fundraiser?
2016-08-06Pros/Cons of Reducing LinkedIn Connections
2016-07-06No half naked men with long hair on the cover
2016-07-04Advice for sewing large amounts of fabric
2016-07-02Ontario Child Surname Options
2016-06-02How can I make Toastmasters work for me?
2016-05-27Why would someone lie about their age on a draft notice?
2016-05-06What's the fairest way to divvy up multiple options amongst a group?
2016-05-01Where can I find a knitting pattern for this half-sweater?
2016-04-21MYOPIC BRETHREN please help me swim
2016-04-02Hyper Modern Etiquette Books or Blogs
2016-03-26Don't want to eat mystery meat at restaurants; how do I not be annoying?
2016-03-14Any ideas for speakers for a conference about how I.T. benefits people?
2016-03-08Am I right to think this Board governance change is not a good idea?
2016-02-17Spa treatments with bonus pool access in Maui
2016-02-14Software for speaking slowly
2016-01-11So I have this crafting dilemma