Which comments by jacquilynne were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-09-14ISO more yoga pant dress pants
2021-09-08Have you ever designed or received a custom cereal box?
2021-08-17What's the best hand soap?
2021-07-27How do I slow down at talk?
2021-06-23Beanbags for grown-ups?
2021-06-18Interesting cookie recipes?
2021-06-04Powder-coated metal shoe rack?
2021-06-04Powder-coated metal shoe rack?
2021-05-27Removing Particularly difficult sticker from glass
2021-04-29Help me help my mom sell her business so she can retire
2021-04-28Planning a virtual baby shower
2021-04-20Who to call for a very short-distance move?
2021-03-19breaking point; or, frying pan to fire
2021-03-17What details do I need to create a Buy Nothing group for my community?
2021-03-05when i play i play to win
2021-01-20Is it worth keeping...
2021-01-05I only want to hear from you and nobody else