Which comments by erst were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

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2016-11-30I can't believe it's not snake oil!!!
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2016-10-21best free or cheap video chat
2016-10-13The world is going to pot and so is my psyche.
2016-10-07Hi, can you tell me nice things about Halcion and hydroxyzine?
2016-10-05Outside of LA Day Trip
2016-10-02Halloween in a Navy Blue Ballgown?
2016-09-24Life of a 14th Century Irish Historian
2016-09-01What is the name of this animation/cartoon character?
2016-08-17My cat has a single-track mind at the moment
2016-08-13Never seen cheese sweat before
2016-08-03How do I save years' worth of facebook messages to a file?
2016-06-29Baby daddy or baby granddaddy?
2016-06-29What natural phenomena are worth a trip?
2016-06-02Where to find a good semi-formal jacket?
2016-05-20Break me out of LinkedIn prison
2016-05-20"Voodoo" is maybe not the right word
2016-05-08How can I deal with worsening panic issues?
2016-05-08does being put on probation at work mean you're going to get fired?
2016-05-06C25K for everything
2016-04-22Frito Feet and Stanky Pet Pits: A Cornish Rex Conundrum
2016-03-07baby led weaning is just a fancy name for finger food
2016-02-17Vegetarian Asian Recipes to Impress
2016-02-13twinkle twinkle petite étoile
2016-01-26Areas in the United States with the most consistent barometric pressure