Which comments by cendawanita were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-10-22I'm just here for the set
2022-10-19Anything but The Canon.
2022-10-07Other-people-proofing a PC tower?
2022-10-07Other-people-proofing a PC tower?
2022-10-02Pray Help
2022-09-25Any tips on how to become a more adventurous eater?
2022-08-14Help settle a disagreement about masking and covid
2022-08-08how to organize my inspiration/ideas digitally
2022-07-28How to do the thing when you're afraid of the thing and also feel okay
2022-07-21There are two men who helped her.
2022-05-06Capcut (app) doesn't remove my backgrounds properly
2022-04-07Living in UTC+0
2022-01-27Matching pre-aniline rugs with fabric paint, dye, crewel?
2022-01-22They had had to find a way to talk about this in other languages.
2022-01-13I think my cat is having joint pain, can't really tell, want to help