Which comments by nickggully were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-19Trans and non-binary art
2021-12-02How can I calculate wind speed based on the rotations of a propeller?
2021-11-16DJ sets to get me through the workday
2021-10-25How to hang a large set of elk antlers from a mud wall?
2021-10-09Help entertain a 15 month old on a 5hr plane ride
2021-10-04I need an inkjet printer/scanner that's small & dumb.
2021-09-28lightweight iPhone for someone with neuropathy?
2021-09-25Fix my fonts, please
2021-09-14What role should I be in UX/UI design?
2021-05-31Plug and play windows webcam?
2021-04-17Cat licking himself during zoomies
2021-04-07How to wean a small boy off Lego Ninjago?
2021-03-26Subtle horizontal lines rippling down my computer screen.
2021-03-17Winter is coming (eventually) and I need a generator this time around.
2021-02-27"Advice please on plans to ""pivot"" email service and cloud storage "
2021-02-19"Delta & Shop Fox grinders say ""speed controlled induction motors"", how?"