Which comments by essexjan were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-31AthleticSockFilter: I think my feet hate polyester
2021-11-06cataract lens replacement time: EDOF?
2021-11-06cataract lens replacement time: EDOF?
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2021-09-02Afghan clothing
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2021-06-02Can you identify these thrift-store foam/rubber sandals?
2021-05-261950s revival IN THE UK in the 1970s
2021-05-02Where to get a good empty growler in London?
2021-04-21Where can I find the video about 5g causing covid by Dr. Cowan?
2021-03-06UK filter: simple, dark coloured knickers? Not black? Affordable?
2021-02-25Cobalt bowl
2021-02-20Ballad-y songs with a happy story please
2021-02-15Glow-Up My Pantry
2021-02-07Fleece Slippers For A Big Kid
2021-02-07Fleece Slippers For A Big Kid
2021-02-06Diabetes-friendly cold breakfast cereals?