Which comments by flimflam were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-10Sleeping Upright
2022-11-23Baby got back...acne
2022-11-08It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like ... Photography!
2022-11-08It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like ... Photography!
2022-11-05Too much water
2022-07-26We're in hot water!
2022-07-17Smart plug for through-wall air conditioner
2022-07-10How do I clean stored stuff?
2022-05-15Total beginner's guide to buying a house
2022-05-12Installing a sewer cleanout
2022-05-02Does anyone know what is going on with Google result counts?
2022-04-25No nonstick pan; what to do instead?
2022-03-31Flat screen TV + crumbly plaster wall = bad idea? How bad?
2022-03-30BattleBot teams for teens?
2022-03-26Career shift: Coding Camp?
2022-03-07Skin is always itchy, forms hives when pushed - and just got a lot worse
2022-02-28Trick out our propane heater?
2022-01-31I'm A Crone Who'd Rather Not Prune
2022-01-22electrify my bike
2022-01-07I loooooove my car but I hate driving.