Which comments by sockermom were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-11-3058 seats. 62 Koreans.
2016-11-12How to deal with split feelings on the Trump win inside your home?
2016-11-01Does the look I'm thinking of even exist?
2016-10-26Boyfriend adopted a dog that wants to hunt my pet rabbit. Now what?
2016-09-15Interesting TV shows (or movies) with kind, loving characters
2016-09-04How did you spend your day?
2016-08-24Sabbatical is Over (sigh)
2016-08-10How do you research?
2016-07-24How are you all, well, doing (this)?
2016-07-24Au Revoir, Le Creuset teakettle?
2016-07-22I would like to live alone, but I also like money.
2016-06-24Do you and your SO sleep in separate beds but still get along?
2016-06-09things to do to avoid slipping back into troubled relationship
2016-06-05Seeking to be more mature and less insecure in my marriage
2016-06-04quitting job to day trade for a living, Need Advice
2016-06-03Replacing our bed with futon to save space?
2016-05-18Dissecting anxiety in a relationship
2016-05-18Should I switch to my future career now or stay in dissatisfying job?
2016-04-28Conflicts abound with roommates, including a trigger situation.
2016-04-16I had and encounter with a neighbor that's weirding me out
2016-04-15Is it normal to evolve your political ideology with age?
2016-04-08Twitching Eye Remedy?
2016-03-10How do I get rid of this very toxic guy?
2016-03-08PA vs Medical School
2016-03-04Orthostatic Hypotension's Got Me Down
2016-02-22Academiafilter: assertiveness without loss of friendship
2016-01-31mo brunch, fewer problems
2016-01-19moving is the worst
2016-01-13Can I have a healthy relationship with a "passive agressive" partner?