Which comments by terretu were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-11-10How do I feel less disappointed and ashamed about my life?
2020-10-17How (much) do people in the UK pay for cars?
2020-10-14Dust on the desk, best way to clean
2020-10-08You take Lithium. What time of day?
2020-10-07Warm lunches when you have access to a kitchen
2020-09-09Fill my playlist
2020-07-13Tumblr no longer thinks I exist
2020-06-23Gendered Myopia
2020-06-15Do you narrate your life to yourself in the third person?
2020-06-10Broadband and router suggestions in NE London
2020-05-31Give me back my name
2020-04-20Cobrama, por favor.
2020-04-02Soaking beans
2020-03-25How to Convince Hospital to Let Office Workers Work from Home
2020-02-28Is it legal to be asked to train without pay at a new job?
2020-02-23How can I use truffle oil aside from eggs and pizza?
2020-01-31Please give me your favourite accidentally vegan recipes