Which comments by rainbowbrite were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-27Seeking book suggestions for Read Harder 2018 challenge.
2017-12-21Last minute Stocking Stuffer present ideas needed for an 18 yo girl.
2017-12-21Last minute Stocking Stuffer present ideas needed for an 18 yo girl.
2017-12-18last minute shopping help
2017-12-18How to deal with no acknowledgment of greeting cards
2017-12-14Marriage and Family Therapy and/or Nursing or Massagy Therapy advice
2017-12-13How do I regain control when I feel like my body is failing me?
2017-11-06Cheap dresses
2017-10-30Don't you hate pants? (Plus size edition)
2017-10-11I love you...sober you
2017-09-26How do you phrase a headstone to say "We Love You"?
2017-09-22How to maintain a cell phone battery pack for emergency purposes only?
2017-08-24How do see the To: address on forwarded email without opening it?
2017-08-24would you rent an apartment with a windowless living room?
2017-08-24Tips for Activism
2017-08-24Tips for Activism
2017-08-15What's a good gift for my superstar summer intern?
2017-08-09Moving Closer to Grandchildren: Yes or No?
2017-08-09Best friend is a pathological doormat. Should I give up on him?
2017-08-03Boyfriend and I want to move in together, but...
2017-08-02Lost my job, eligible for discount on my out-of-pocket health insurance?
2017-08-02Changing Cell Phone Number, Stalker Edition
2017-07-11How can I courteously be alone during trips with friends and family?
2017-07-10Organizational tips for people who spin plates while wearing many hats?
2017-07-06Confusion about Census numbers
2017-07-03Alcohol and I don't mix
2017-06-30"Am I going to die?" "Probably not, but I wouldn't bet my life on it."
2017-06-30Is a graduate certificate program worthwhile?
2017-06-23Will No One Rid Me of this Troublesome... Cabbage?
2017-06-23Sorry my dog peed on your kid's stuff
2017-06-23Cheese by Post
2017-06-16Help me pick a cellular carrier
2017-06-09Everyone needs a hug--but not this week!
2017-05-16"Life Alert" or Other Emergency Notification Solution For Oldsters?
2017-04-02Who can/should report inappropriate sexual misconduct?
2017-03-22In a relationship, what's the difference between romance and friendship?
2017-03-18Need wearable camera ideas from teachers?
2017-03-09How can I pay someone a small award, internationally?
2017-03-02Should I tell my ex that i think he manipulated/abused me?
2017-03-01How do I do professional email?
2017-02-01Safe place to park my 401k?
2017-01-24Calling Senators but can't get through
2017-01-09Mistake on app
2017-01-06How to support a colleague with a sick cat?
2017-01-05How did you our people you know learn to not be racist and xenophobic?
2017-01-05Help me explain nominal, ordinal, and interval data, and means and modes