Which comments by Nelson were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

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2020-09-16Recommend new games for me! Difficulty level: no time
2020-09-14Unfucking Ratfucked Florida Voting Disenfranchisement with $$
2020-09-10Broadband Pricing & Gouging
2020-09-06Election protection 501(c)(3)s in swing states
2020-08-01South Island New Zealand: obscure things to do?
2020-07-09Cause for US Civil War: Taxes?
2020-04-25Need a UPS, what do I get?
2020-04-12I'd love to give you my money, but how do I?
2020-04-12Why can't I clean my N95 orphan mask in the microwave?
2020-03-31So - tell me about wearing masks
2020-03-24A guide to loving shiitake mushrooms
2020-02-23Help me learn about the US Civil War.
2020-02-12How do I unsubscribe from ALL Democratic fundraising emails?