Which comments by poffin boffin were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-04Help me bring up talking points about racism in middle school.
2018-11-26Best way to spend 5 hours in Shanghai airport?
2018-11-11I'm one of those pesky "sensitive groups."
2018-09-30Do you think should I leave my mom's side of the family?
2018-09-26How should I handle jury duty in this situation?
2018-07-28Which game should I pick up next?
2018-07-18The best single-pocket small bag money can buy.
2018-07-04Tweens and chores - talking points needed
2018-07-04Tweens and chores - talking points needed
2018-07-01Best phone headset for the hearing impaired?
2018-05-20TV and movies of the last 20 years that capture that 70s feeling.
2018-04-13reality check me
2018-04-11Would you drop or be willing to ammend a Protective Order?
2018-04-07Bedbug filter - presents from friends who have them?
2018-02-08Lactose intolerance 101
2018-02-07ADHD medication for children
2018-02-07ADHD medication for children
2018-01-01Stainless steel water bottle that stays in backpack pocket, or hacks?