Which comments by Mitheral were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-03Let's table this issue
2020-11-25"Are these ""smart"" LED downlights faulty? Or am I the faulty one?"
2020-11-06Emergency Contact Device for Kids
2020-11-01Advice for squaring my compound miter saw
2020-10-20Can I use a smaller propane tank?
2020-10-13Light up my life (without breaking the ceiling)
2020-10-13Light up my life (without breaking the ceiling)
2020-10-13How could I mark the center of a very large public grass field?
2020-10-05Who do I need to help my hot tub dreams come true?
2020-07-08Partial Electricity Loss for No Known Reason
2020-07-02Installing a back door in a house without one
2020-06-27pandemic border crossing
2020-06-21Old basement, Stinky HVAC Air: What Can We Do?
2020-06-09What neat things are younger than 3,200 years old?
2020-06-05How's an alternating tread stairway for basement access?
2020-05-30Woodworking safety during a pandemic
2020-04-27Please tell me about maintaining a saltwater pool
2020-04-10beanplating fridge replacement in the time of 'rona shelter
2020-04-08Duplex Dysfunction
2020-03-28Command-strip conundrum
2020-03-27Canadian employment insurance glitch at the worst time
2020-03-20Rolls / Person / Week
2020-02-23Arduino non-contact AC sensor
2020-02-22Arduino non-contact AC sensor
2020-01-26Shower conversion advice needed
2020-01-15Can I wall-mount a hanging photo backdrop across a 16' room?
2020-01-01Decision Making Frameworks / Hacks for Couples