Which comments by theory were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

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2019-12-12Railway lingo as break-up metaphor
2019-10-14Help me name my apartment
2019-10-02Shouldn't texting from the US to the UK be less of a kerfuffle?
2019-09-16Help me find the right Android messaging app
2019-09-07Slower traffic keep right
2019-09-07Making Super 8mm movies
2019-08-13Come Up And See My... Cocktail Shaker?
2019-07-24Praising the helpful gate agent: good idea or the worst idea?
2019-06-23Enable my cheese toasties please
2019-06-143 Hours to Capture a Lifetime?
2019-06-12Used shirt has weird smell
2019-06-10Identify the make/model of this food truck?
2019-05-26How do I caption my photos in Windows 10
2019-05-13Help me plan my stay in NYC this summer with kids (Please)
2019-05-12Help me plan my stay in NYC this summer with kids (Please)
2019-05-11Can I upload songs to Google Play Music directly from cloud?
2019-05-10Gmail app on Android that *doesn't* combine my inboxes by default?
2019-05-07What's a great full day hike within 5 hours of San Francisco?
2019-05-06Cheap visit to California?
2019-05-05Accidentally froze chicken drumsticks, can I use them and how?
2019-04-25Houseplant is dying. Help?
2019-04-19Reliable 8 mm / super 8 film digitizing in New York City?
2019-03-26How to spend 10 hours in Houston burdened with luggage
2019-03-01But wasn't he definitely a crook, though?
2019-02-23I wish to reduce a multihundred page PDF document.
2019-02-21Dead Tech: Tape player + film projector