Which comments by theory were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-10-17It's been a while NYC
2022-09-04Good Music That Just Totally Rips Off the Beatles?
2022-08-17Can you name this comedy quote?
2022-08-09How do I save all these photos and music?
2022-08-07What is this rack of things from the film Trading Places (1983)?
2022-08-05IAH outdoor hangouts?
2022-08-03I live in Toronto. I want to see the Northern Lights tonight. Cheap.
2022-07-30Bike stolen from building, have footage. What next?
2022-07-28Please help me navigate Penn Station to the LIRR
2022-07-20Best Winter Camping That Isn’t Wintery? (US edition)
2022-07-16Why don't tiktokers need release forms?
2022-07-14Elderly Scanner Advice?
2022-07-09What is the best Greek mythology book (in my chosen categories)?
2022-07-06Bicentennial vibe movies
2022-06-22Can I buy one of these Movistar SIMs at Madrid Airport?
2022-06-22Can I buy one of these Movistar SIMs at Madrid Airport?
2022-06-22Wheat berries in freezer?
2022-06-06How to have PDFs open in one window with tabs -- mac
2022-05-14Gnats in tent! Help!!!
2022-05-10Do I need an International Driver's Permit to rent a car in Spain?
2022-04-28ISO: Women who work in film art departments & production design
2022-04-27Where is a pot a kettle?
2022-04-25NYC Travel Question
2022-04-25Where can I get samphire in NYC?
2022-04-24No nonstick pan; what to do instead?
2022-04-16How to digitize/scan old slides
2022-03-30What should I expect roaming around rural Italy?
2022-03-15How to have metadata about people in home video
2022-03-05What articles will help my dad understand why he should NOT buy Bitcoin?
2022-02-07Fox Rent A Car
2022-02-04Watching the Olympics
2022-01-21A very good year
2022-01-21A very good year
2022-01-06"what words or phrases have the name ""joel"" in them?"