Which comments by Aleyn were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

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2018-12-01Being Harassed by Scientology Solicitations
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2018-10-17"Fresh Dad Jokes" is kind of an oxymoron, I know, but...
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2018-10-02What simple Android app are you missing?
2018-08-19Downsizing and computers
2018-08-15Dead simple GUI kit?
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2018-07-30Amazon page said new, it's refurbished. Is my laptop still a good deal?
2018-07-30Best way to resync a folder that hasn't synced in months
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2018-07-08Problem with Ditto clipboard manager
2018-05-29Make My New OneNote Fighting Technique Unstoppable
2018-05-26Is there a way to keep bots from following my tumblr?
2018-05-08How can I sell unused nights at a conference hotel?
2018-04-26Recommend me some twitch streamers
2018-03-31How do I get a Minecraft account for a child on a Windows 10 box?
2018-03-22Home Theater solutions for traveling?
2018-03-08No, I want it THERE
2018-02-07Strawberry flavor, with hints of Tide detergent
2018-02-06Food-related misnomers
2018-02-03Food-related misnomers
2018-02-02No Default Browser Please!
2018-01-19Did I hork my monitor? Or sheer coincidence?
2018-01-08Make my DVD/Blu-Ray into a kiosk display – STAT.