Which comments by aramaic were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-17I need a new TV, but I don't understand modern TVs. Advice sought.
2020-12-15PC, XBox X or PS5?
2020-12-14PC, XBox X or PS5?
2020-12-10Kitchen Faucet suggestions
2020-11-27Cookware recommendations, please!
2020-11-21Proper measurements for height and width of mig weld beads
2020-11-13My kitchen sink is a series of tubes
2020-10-26What song did I hear?
2020-09-18"""Glass apples"" which you can see through"
2020-09-15Documentaries needed via YouTube
2020-08-29Buying and selling in age of COVID
2020-08-13who advises on apartment conversion planning?
2020-08-03Seeking concrete guidance on....er...concrete anchors...
2020-07-28What are the best Asian condiments and ingredients for the home pantry?
2020-07-28What are the best Asian condiments and ingredients for the home pantry?
2020-07-26What professional do I need for a slope?
2020-07-24How to resolve difficulty refinancing with solar panels?
2020-07-23Help me figure out how to make a model of this tent
2020-07-22Best resources for online learning and socializing for K and Pre-K?
2020-07-10Help me prepare now for a long, dark COVID winter
2020-07-06Have I been pwned?
2020-06-20How to Move to NYC
2020-06-15Old and clueless about games and no game computer. What should I play?
2020-05-18Are these good reasons to move back abroad?
2020-04-26What else can I do with roasted chickpeas besides just snack on them?
2020-04-18Secret Solstice Structure in the Southwest?
2020-04-13Date night during coronavirus
2020-03-22EA mask - chlorine dioxide cloud against germs?
2020-03-19Rolls / Person / Week
2020-02-17Solar power or home repairs?
2020-01-26Shipping china from the US to Ireland
2020-01-23Moving Auto cross-country
2020-01-11Please house me