Which comments by under_petticoat_rule were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-14replacing bottom of cabinet under kitchen sink due to water damage
2017-11-15Objectively crappy/subjectively awesome movies to laugh at while tipsy
2017-11-13Calling all cooks: How do you time cooking large meals?
2017-11-10Funny, quirky, earnest movies?
2017-09-27Why does this music sound so good?
2017-09-20Letting go of a freelance client because of mental health reasons
2017-09-20Best breweries in the US that employ women?
2017-09-12What is the most creative way you can think of to drain a pool?
2017-08-31Are you Photoshop savvy: shiny engraving of a different color?
2017-07-19I have used the phrase "cold dead hands" in fear of this day.
2017-06-29Name my supper club!
2017-05-11Another old-movie identification question
2017-05-07Pizza delivery...by motorcycle?
2017-05-04Spookyruralnoirmovies! yes, pls.
2017-05-04Spookyruralnoirmovies! yes, pls.
2017-04-15In need of a book to be obsessed with
2017-02-14Where are all the set design companies hiding?
2017-02-07What defines this late 70s early 80s photographic style?