Which comments by Too-Ticky were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-10-27Do you (or people you know) travel with shelf-stable food
2020-10-22Family distancing in a time of Coronavirus
2020-10-11How can I replace this knife?
2020-09-29Help identifying a logo (?) on a mask
2020-09-19cat I eat it?
2020-09-16Is this cat named Sebastian?
2020-07-01Can one install and run Linux on this computer ASUS ExpertBook B9?
2020-06-02A snail by any other name would be as slow
2020-04-04Should I buy a sewing machine?
2020-03-21Is there software to run a physical book swap?
2020-01-10Looking for a typeface
2020-01-08aol-loser, g-mail adverse, yahoo-huh?