Which comments by spamandkimchi were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-11-04Looking for suggestions for slip on Sneakers that I can exercise In.
2021-10-22Have you SUCCESFULLY reduced your screen time? How did you do it?
2021-10-11What should I do for an editing class?
2021-09-19Should cat go to the vet?
2021-09-15How to organize a household... with wildly different planning styles
2021-08-18Standup mylar pouches
2021-08-08What are your best tips and tricks when researching a topic in 2021?
2021-07-21Is this vacation possible in Hawaii?
2021-07-05Business casual clothes for an aging punk woman in academia?
2021-07-04Cat Window Perch
2021-05-28Seeking a Paradigm Shift
2021-05-18Pick me up, put me down
2021-04-29Custom calligrapher that isn't cutesy?
2021-04-20rivers and gorge paths and trees
2021-01-04Korean War from a Korean Perspective
2021-01-04Korean War from a Korean Perspective